Ezconnect Customer & Partner Integration

Ezconnect employs a standard two part process for selling leads and will provide custom ping and post documentation for you!

Ping & Post

First step involves sending specified lead information on the PING. The PING process concludes with a response stating indicating no interest or interest in the lead and how much they are willing to pay.

The second step is the POST and is only triggered if the seller wants to sell their lead at the price that was returned in the PING process. The POST process involves sending all lead information to Ezconnect. It concludes with a response stating whether the process was a success and a lead number which shows that the transaction was completed.

Ezconnect will create custom posting instructions and documents for each product you are interested in selling or buying.

Lead Ping and Post Documentation Example

Life Insurance Leads

Example of Ping Documentation

Ping Example Life Lead

Example of Post Documentation

Post Example Life Lead