Digital Marketing Made Easy

  • Digital marketing expertise with all systems.
  • Ping, post and dynamic pricing capabilities.
  • Tracking platform for both buyers and sellers.
  • 15 years of being a trusted business partner.
  • B to C and B to B products available.
  • Lead generation from local to national campaigns.

What We Do

  • Ezconnect has been been generating business for its customers through online marketing since before Google! We understand how to drive new business on a national scale for large companies, and how to leverage "local" media opportunities for small ones.
  • The bottom line will always be your "ROI"; the amount of money spent versus the amount of new business you have gained. The great news is, unlike many other advertising opportunities, everything we do is measurable.
  • How We do It

  • Through a tailored combination of advertising that will increase the amount of your targeted audience that is exposed to your companies goods and services.
  • Measurable metrics are the back bone of how we justify our services: how many convert into a genuine sales opportunity and then how many of those are converted into new business.
  • Who We Are

  • Ezconnect is a company that understands the fundamental metrics of advertising; cost per lead generated and the ensuing closing ratio that results in cost per sale.
  • We have been generating sales leads via the internet since 1998 and through those years of experience have gained a unique perspective on what works and what doesn't. High lead volume does not always mean more business if the quality isn't there.