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The Market Opportunity

  • Loss of control, communication, demographic data and brand development with customer can be regained with our private label offer.
  • Telecom services are becoming commodities. Private labeling distinguishes our offerings.
  • Churn rates can be reduced with increased affinity.
  • Customer ownership- not just a referral to another provider.
  • Significant opportunities for bundled services and pricing flexibility
What the Industry is Saying -
“Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft, declared, ’Fifty percent of all e-commerce on the Internet will be wireless by 2003.’ ” -Deutsche Banc Alex. Brown 5/00.
“The Yankee Group predicts that 28M Americans will be using wireless phones for data by 2002.” -Deutsche Banc Alex. Brown 5/00.“Today, personal computers are the primary device used to get to the Internet. It is widely believed that many different devices, often discussed as appliances, set top boxes, new versions of game players and other devices will access the Internet for information. By 2004, there are estimated to be more mobile phones on the Internet than PCs. The devices include both hardware and software, and in fact, the software is becoming more critical.” -Andersen Consulting 7/00.“AT&T Wireless group chairman and CEO John Zeglis claims, ’This is thermonuclear fusion,’ in describing the convergence of wireless and the Internet.” -Deutsche Banc Alex. Brown 5/00.

“We predict that wireless resale will account for more than 5% of total wireless subscribers by the end of 2002, and that 17 million wireless users (10% of the total wireless customer base) will be served by resellers in 2005.” -The Yankee Group 3/00.

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), wireless data transaction value will rise from 1998 levels of $4.3B (11% of total wireless service revenue) to $38B in 2003 (55% of total wireless revenue).” -Deutsche Banc Alex. Brown 5/00.

Available Services:

  • Wireless Services made available on the Sprint PCS®
  •  Nationwide Network*
  • Sprint Subscriptions
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Applications
  • WAP Development
  • Internet Applications

EZconnect leverages our Marketing Partners’ distribution channels, marketing efforts, affinity programs and client base to offer competitive pricing on a full line of handsets and accessories. We create buyer loyalty and retention programs and generate residuals for our Marketing Partners. We gain insight to our Marketing Partners needs in order to develop customized Wireless Internet applications that improves their business model and improves efficiency.

Benefits to Marketing Partners:

  • Private Label Products and Services.
  • Customized Wireless Internet Applications Development.
  • Generate Residual Revenues.
  • Turnkey Solution.
  • Flexible Pricing, Convergent Billing and Product Bundling.

Access to the coverage area made available on the Sprint PCS® Nationwide Network*.

Benefits to End User:

  • Access to a brand name all digital national wireless network.
  • Access to a full line of handsets and accessories.
  • Competitive Pricing.
  • Full service customer care and fulfillment processes.
  • Service bundling and convergent online billing.
  • Loyalty based programs/rebates.

Customized and ‘Off the Shelf’ Wireless Internet applications.


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