Exclusive or Shared Sales Leads

We provide a scalable service with a personal touch.

Since 1998 Ezconnect has been servicing companies from Fortune 500 to local service providers by keeping their sales pipelines active with fresh leads that convert into new business.

We have continuously changed with the times, employed new technologies and can help you thrive in the sales lead marketplace of today.

If you have leads to offer, are looking to buy or are active in both, Ez Connect can help. Our ping post system for sales leads can handle everything from static pricing and zip lists to dynamic pricing and direct post.

Ezkonnect is well versed in the Insurance, Home Improvement and B to B verticals. If you are already a vendor, partner or customer then use the Ezconnect Login page.

Keep Your Sales Pipeline Full

Sales leads are the very backbone of a successful company.

We can deliver high quality, exclusive or shared referrals to you in real time. We can also integrate the delivery process right into your CRM wether you are using Salesforce or another platform.

Start giving your sales people the tools they need to be successful.